Book your photoshoot in Paris

Before the photoshoot

It's important to get to know each other before starting the photoshoot. It will help you feel confident and relaxed during the session. That's why I like to meet in a coffee just before starting :)!

What you will get

After the photo shoot, I will send you captures in low resolution a watermarked to help you choose your favorites ones.

It will take ~1 week to edit the photos. I will then send them to you through WeTransfer.

It will be possible to change some edits if you wish.

The price includes

• The cost of my time and labor,

• The editing time: it takes between 1h and 2h to edit depending of the photos,

• The equipment costs.

Note that I will still own the copyrights of the photos.


- 3 options -

1H photoshoot - 200€

10 edited hight resolution images

• 1 main location

2H photoshoot - 350€

20 edited hight resolution images

• 2 main locations

4H photoshoot - 600€

40 edited hight resolution images

• 3 main locations

Feel free to contact me for any further information or if you have another project you would like to discuss.

Additional photo : 20€

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